Sports are great, but sports fans can be the worst

Yesterday I was happy to welcome a couple of my cousins into my home for their first time and have some lunch with them. At some point, the topic of college football came up, which is typically the case over an extended period of time given my line of work. During the conversation, I was told that fans of Florida State and Clemson were particularly rude when on the road. I can’t say one way or the other, but I did come to the realization after having this conversation and discussing people attacking Gabby Douglas on the site yesterday that sports fans are among the worst people imaginable.

Not you, though. You’re great. You’re terrific. Let’s move on…

Shaunae Miller’s dive edges Allyson Felix for gold in 400 m


Allyson Felix of the United States had been eyeing up a gold medal in the 400-meter event at the Rio Olympics, and she nearly got it. The reigning world champion in the event after winning with a time of 39.26 in Beijing last year, Felix was one of the favorites in Rio, but she took home the silver instead. Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas narrowly beat Felix in the event thanks in part to a dive across the finish line. The dive across the finish line edged Felix by just 0.07 seconds, and according to the rules of the sport, the dive was perfectly legal. The reason Miller was awarded the gold medal instead of Felix, who clearly got her entire body across the finish line first, is because Miller’s chest was the first to cross the line, which is all that is needed to officially complete the race.

Felix took the defeat in stride and was nothing but pure class in defeat, but it was a tough loss to watch unfold from a viewing perspective with a rooting interest in Felix’s pursuit for gold. If nothing else though, we got a few good humorous tweets out of it.

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