The USA’s golden history at the Summer Olympics has reached an impressive benchmark.

On Saturday, the American women’s swimming team of Lilly King, Simone Manuel, Dana Vollmer and Kathleen Baker won gold in the 4×100 meter medley relay. The collective medal was the United States’ 1,000th gold medal at the Summer Olympics as the country became the first nation in history to accomplish the feat.

The United States has the most medals in Summer Olympic Game history and it’s not particularly close. The red, white and blue have more than double the total medals (2,400+) as the closest competitor, Russia (1,000+). In the gold medal category, they’re closer to triple the amount as second-place Russia. The USA has simply dominated the Summer Olympics.

Team USA hasn’t relented during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, as once again, they lead the medal standings by a wide margin. As of the writing of this story, the United States has 24 gold medals, 18 silver and 18 bronze, giving the country a clear cut number one ranking with 60 total medals. It’s extraordinarily impressive, yet commonplace at the Summer Games.

With Simone Manuel, Simone Biles, Lilly King and Michael Phelps leading the charge, it’s no wonder the USA has impressively added to their medal count. The number will increase as the games reach its conclusion.

In future games, the country might reach 2,000 gold medals at the Summer Olympics before another nation reaches 1,000. USA! USA! USA!

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