We can all relate to having our cell phones fall out of our pockets at inopportune times, so in a sense we were all French fencer Enzo Lefort yesterday. Although, I doubt many of us can say we lost our phones while in the middle of Olympic competition.


For some reason, Lefort had his phone in his back pocket while he was competing against German Peter Joppich. As Joppich cornered Lefort, the frenchman attempted to regain the ground he lost, but Joppich would not give an inch and Lefort awkwardly stumbled off the mat. The maneuver only succeeded in separating Lefort from his mobile device, adding insult to injury.

He quickly picked up his phone and tossed it to officials on the side, while onlookers to the match audibly laughed at his predicament.

Joppich went on to win the match in the round of 32, 15-13, so Lefort will have plenty of time to use his cell phone now that there is no more fencing to distract him.

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