Usain Bolt has done it all on the track, so he took the only next logical step in his storied career. He recorded a Christmas song.

Bolt released a music video on Facebook on Wednesday for what’s sure to be a new Christmas classic. The video starts off with a record executive talking up Bolt’s speed in a music studio, discussing how “gifted” the multi-Olympic Gold medal winner is. Bolt enters the recording booth and unleashes an autotuned, Christmas mess.

Bolt proudly sings about running for Christmas, as those in the studio cry and watch in amazement.

“I see the holiday lights in the sky
They shine so bright, so bright, I just want to cry
My spirit’s lifted so way up high
I feel so gifted, I feel so gifted
Because I’m run, run, running
I’m running for Christmas
And I’m sprint, sprint, sprinting
Sprinting through my wish list”

The video’s surprisingly funny, with a dog watching over the sound mixing, an entirely different person taking Bolt’s place for a split-second while he plays a game in the corner, and his friend’s bewilderment of the situation unfolding in front of him.

Make no mistake, the song is terrible. But, Bolt is actively aware that’s the case and fills the video with enough randomness to make the entire thing endearing. Bolt doesn’t have a future in music ahead of him, but perhaps, he should consider comedy.

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