Will Blackmon

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt talks with Super Bowl champion, current football broadcaster, and The Wine MVP sommelier Will Blackmon. Jessica and Will discuss a variety of topics including Aaron Rodgers, memorabilia, public speaking, how to best avoid hangovers, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 3:07: Welcome Will Blackmon to Short and to the Point
  • 3:14: Differences within football since Will retired
  • 5:50: Approach to watching film
  • 7:12: Approaching complex offenses
  • 8:19: Player development in football
  • 11:04: Collecting memorabilia/best piece of memorabilia Will owns
  • 12:07: Transitioning from playing football to broadcasting
  • 13:28: Challenges in transitioning to media
  • 16:43: Goal when it comes to public speaking
  • 18:10: Understanding and relating to the audience
  • 19:37: Relating to other public speakers
  • 20:23: Resiliency throughout NFL career
  • 24:03: Playing with Aaron Rodgers
  • 26:36: Why did Will get into wine?
  • 28:18: Best wine to drink to avoid hangovers
  • 29:24: Wine faux pas

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