Dylan Mulvaney at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards Feb 5, 2023; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Dylan Mulvaney at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023.. Mandatory Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY

Actress and comedian Dylan Mulvaney made headlines last week when it was announced that Bud Light was partnering with the transgender TikTok star to support the LGBTQ community.

That decision was met with criticism and outrage from conservative circles, even though Bud Light has been a pretty visible ally with the LGBTQ community for decades.

Mulvaney appears to have picked up a new sponsorship in the sports realm. On Wednesday, she shared several Instagram posts that were clearly ads for Nike’s latest female sportswear.

In one ad, Mulvaney posed while wearing Nike’s “Zenvy” athletic leggings and “Alate” bra, the latest addition to their female athletic line.

“Home for a moment and leaning into cozy workout wear like with @nikewomen’s newest Zenvy leggings and Alate bra!” read the caption. “They’re so comfortable and buttery soft, perfect for workouts and everyday wear! #feelyourall #teamnike #nikepartner.”

Mulvaney added, “Alert the media – I’m entering my workout era.”

Another ad on her Instagram account featured Mulvaney stretching and dancing with a link to buy Nike leggings.

“Home from day 365 and ready to take on the world,” she wrote, referencing her gender transition project “365 Days of Girlhood.”

Kid Rock recently made headlines of his own for posting a video shooting Bud Light cans in the wake of Mulvaney’s sponsorship. We look forward to seeing Rock shoot up a bunch of women’s sportswear in response to the newest ad deal.

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