Brett Favre Brett Favre has said he didn t know the money he received came from welfare funds. Xxx Sline Brett Favre 081020 Dcb Jpg

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has made a major move in the ongoing Mississippi welfare lawsuit.

The Associated Press revealed the news Monday that the former Green Bay Packers star wants out of the ongoing case. Emily Wagster Pettus of the AP wrote, “Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre is asking to be removed from a lawsuit by the state of Mississippi that seeks to recover millions of dollars of misspent welfare money that was intended to help some of the poorest people in the U.S.”

According to the report, “An attorney for Favre filed papers on Monday saying the Mississippi Department of Human Services ‘groundlessly and irresponsibly seeks to blame Favre for it sown grossly improper and unlawful handling of welfare funds and own failure to properly monitor and audit’ how organizations used the money.”

Favre tarnished his reputation with his involvement in this scandal. Though absolving blame from him doesn’t work well. Two years ago, the New York Times reported the initial findings as the case began. He recently hired Donald Trump’s lawyer as well. Not to mention other snake oil salesman-type maneuvers from the retired NFL quarterback.

The goodwill probably won’t come back any time soon even if he does get what he wants. He’s been defiant but this twist, based on the findings, likely won’t be received well.

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