Brett Favre Brett Favre has said he didn t know the money he received came from welfare funds. Xxx Sline Brett Favre 081020 Dcb Jpg

A Mississippi judge shot down a request from Brett Favre to have civil charges dismissed from his ongoing welfare saga.

Favre is accused of being involved in what is the largest welfare fraud case ever in the state of Mississippi. $80 million in funds were fraudulently transferred from the Mississippi TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

According to Mississippi Today, “In her first major order in the ongoing welfare fraud case, Hinds County Circuit Court Judge Faye Peterson denied former NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s attempt to dismiss civil charges against him. Peterson also blocked Favre’s request for a hearing on his motion, saying it was unnecessary and calling his legal arguments ‘unpersuasive and inapplicable.'”

Brett Favre has tarnished his reputation irreparably after involving himself in the scandal. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback entered the Hall of Fame and had a heralded NFL career. But now that the curtain unveiled itself, Favre and his reputation have gone down the toilet.

So it’s not surprising that after learning of the news, the sports world reacted in the way that they did.

“Good. Lock the Welfare King up,” one user said.

“Good. He knew what he was doing,” another user said.

“Good,” one user said matter-of-factly.

“Make an example out of him please,” another fan pled.

Doesn’t sound like Favre should check Twitter anytime soon.

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