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Last week, Brittney Griner celebrated her 32nd birthday in a Russian prison after she was found guilty and sentenced to a nine-year sentence in prison after she mistakenly traveled with vape cartridges containing a cannabis derivative that had been prescribed to her by a doctor. Griner’s mental health has been put to the test throughout her imprisonment, and now she’s nearing another step in the legal process – her appeal hearing.

Griner’s appeal hearing is set for Tuesday and a decision is expected as the Russian courts will review her case one more time. While Brittney Griner was “very nervous,” the WNBA star was also realistic, with her lawyers saying that she “does not expect any miracles” as a result of the proceedings.

“She is very nervous waiting for the appeal hearing. Brittney does not expect any miracles to happen but hopes that the appeal court will hear the arguments of the defense and reduce the term,” Griner’s lawyers said, according to Reuters.

Experts have consistently considered Griner’s entire trial and appeals process a political sham with Griner never having a hope of beating the charges, and that’s unlikely to change during Tuesday’s appeal. Griner’s wife has also suggested that her imprisonment is similar to a hostage situation with political ramifications.