Caitlyn Jenner

Earlier this week, one California track and field event made headlines across the country as transgender female runner Athena Ryan earned a second-place finish in the girls 1600m at the California State Championship qualifier meet, which seemed to upset fourth-place finisher Adeline Johnson, who gave Ryan a thumbs down gesture at the podium after she was kept from advancing to the state championship meet.

The whole situation appears to have caught the attention of Caitlyn Jenner, who is both a transgender woman and a former track star. And she is not at all happy with what happened at the track and field event this weekend.

“As ‘somewhat’ of a track star myself, and a trans person, THIS IS WRONG!!! HELP ME PUSH BACK!” Jenner said in a tweet, adding a link to her political action committee, Fairness First.

“And FYA trans ppl you are being used by the radical gender ideology cult as political pawns. That’s all you are to them,” Jenner said in a follow-up tweet.

Before her transition, Caitlyn Jenner was known as Bruce Jenner and competed on the United States Olympic team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, winning a gold medal in the men’s decathlon.

Despite transitioning to a woman in 2015, Jenner remains a critic of transgender women competing in women’s sports.

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