Charles Barkley

Sunday morning, America woke up to hear about another mass murder that led to five people being killed with 18 others injured. This deadly shooting took place in a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

NBA commentator Charles Barkley, who appeared on CNN recently during their election coverage, said at the time that the Black community doesn’t support the gay community.

“One thing that’s always disappointed me: Black people treat gay people, we are the worst when it comes to treating gay people,” Barkley said. “It’s always bothered me.”

In light of the violence that took place late Saturday night into early Sunday morning, Barkley’s recent comments resurfaced and have angered many in the Black community who think his sentiments are dead wrong.

The big reason that Barkley’s comments resurfaced was how they contrasted with the identity of the shooter, who has not African-American and is, in fact, the white grandson of a Donald Trump supporting-Republican who voiced support for the January 6th insurrection. When people then listened back to Barkley’s inferences, it did not go over well with many people on social media. They are now taking to Twitter to call him out over his notions about the relationship between the Black community and the LGBTQ community.

Barkley has been criticized before for his comments about different subjects, including race relations in this country. His latest comments are clearly not sitting well with the Black community.


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