Colin Cowherd blasts Donald Trump

During a recent conversation about Charles Barkley and LIV Golf, Fox Sports Radio host Colin Cowherd relished the opportunity to rip former president Donald Trump.

Cowherd was sharing his support for Barkley as the acclaimed basketball analyst flirts with the Saudi Arabia-funded LIV Golf tour. Amid claiming that not everyone can be trained journalists when it comes to researching who or what is behind a product or company, Cowherd admitted that he’s seen enough to at least avoid Trump’s businesses.

“If you create a great company, I’m in,” Cowherd said. “Now I maybe read something at some point, I’m not going to be staying at Trump hotels. I’m going to put my foot down on that. No thank you. I thought he was beyond a disruptor, I thought he was dangerous and toxic for America. And that’s not an anti-conservative, anti-Republican opinion. I’d vote for a Republican tomorrow if I liked them. It’s not that I don’t occasionally take a stand, but you can’t ask everybody to be a trained journalist. You like what you like.”

And Cowherd doesn’t like Trump hotels.

The opinion represents a bit of an about-face for Cowherd, who conducted a lengthy interview with Trump on his Fox Sports Radio show in 2015, just as the Republican presidential candidate was ramping up his campaign ahead of the 2016 election. During that conversation, Trump declared Cowherd “my friend for life.

Shortly after Trump was elected president in 2016, Cowherd even claimed he saw a lot of himself in the polarizing politician; but Cowherd’s never been one to shy away from dramatically changing his opinion. “The idea that you don’t change your opinion is counterintuitive to intelligence,” Cowherd recently stated.

Just as Cowherd seems to have changed his opinion on Trump in recent years, it’s fair to assume the former president will write the Fox Sports Radio host off for calling him “dangerous and toxic” faster than a phony business expense on his tax returns.

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