Donald Trump Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

It seems that everyone has an opinion when it comes to debating whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of all time, and now that includes the former president of the United States as Donald Trump has officially given his take on the issue.

While discussing trans athletes at a rally in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Trump revealed that he supports Jordan in the debate, saying “I don’t like LeBron James, I like Michael Jordan much better.”

“I’d be the greatest women’s basketball coach in history,” Trump said, via CSPAN. “I don’t like LeBron James, I like Michael Jordan much better. But, I’d go up to LeBron James. I’d say, ‘LeBron, did you ever have any desire to be a woman? Because what I’d love for you to do is star on my team that I’m building up. I will have the greatest team in history. They will never lose. Nobody will come within 70 points of this team.”

The point of the quote was not to compare James and Jordan; the former president was addressing the controversial issue of whether or not male-to-female trans athletes should be permitted to compete in female sports.

Still, Trump’s comments made it clear where he stands on the GOAT debate.