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Former U.S. President Donald Trump is in the news again as he helped break ground on a new golf course in Scotland on Monday. And a photo of Trump at the course has gone viral.

Trump traveled to Scotland to both play golf and visit his mother’s ancestral home. Additionally, he helped to break ground on a new course in Aberdeen, where he owns a course and hotel resort.

The former President made this trip amid sexual assault allegations by E. Jean Carroll and an ongoing civil trial on those accusations. The state of New York also recently federally charged Trump, who became the first President to ever face federal charges.

The photo of Trump, holding a shovel on the lot where the new course was made, went absolutely viral. Also featured in the picture is Trump’s son, Eric.

Several had no problem making jokes about the Donald Trump photo. Ron Filipkowski tweeted, “Trump and Eric probably burying some documents on the golf course in Scotland today. (Yes, that is Trump).”

“Someone has the opportunity to do the funniest thing ever to yank off the hat and see if his hair came with it,” Scott Medlock joked.

“The fella next to him is the only one who’s ever held a shovel,” one user quipped.

Finally, “Who wore it better?” one user joked, posting the cast of South Park with shovels in their hands.

[Ron Filipkowski]

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