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Donald Trump restated his conservative views on gender at a recent political rally in Washington D.C.

Trump says that God originally created two genders—male and female—in an apparent swipe at the transgender rights movement in America. There is an ongoing debate in the country about whether transgender women especially should be allowed to compete against biological women in sports at all levels.

Trump said if re-elected he will take action to defeat the “toxic poison of gender ideology.”

“I will take historic action to defeat the toxic poison of gender ideology and reassert (that) in the beginning, God created two genders, male and female,” he stated to cheers from the audience.

Trump passed several policies during his presidency that critics labeled as anti-LGTBQ. Policies that have since been reversed by President Joe Biden.

Trump currently leads all Republican challengers by double digits for their party’s presidential nomination in 2024. Facing 91 felony counts in four jurisdictions, as well as a $250 million civil fraud lawsuit in New York State, has done little to slow the enthusiasm that everyday Republican voters have for Trump.

Trump, like all other Americans, is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The world was quick to react to Trump’s fiery proclamation: