Herschel Walker and Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump shakes hands with Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker at a “”Save America Rally” at the Banks County Dragway on Saturday, March 26, 2022. News Joshua L Jones

Throughout Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign, he has been hit with plenty of controversy for his told blatant lies, his fake police badge, and his disrespectful comments toward those with chronic diseases. But all of those controversies are tame compared to the bombshell reports that he pressured multiple women into getting abortions after he got them pregnant.

On Wednesday afternoon, a second woman came forward claiming that Heschel Walker pressured her to get an abortion against her wishes, saying that he personally drove her back to the abortion clinic and coerced her into getting the abortion after she decided against the procedure.

While many might assume that a woman speaking out against a prominent Republican politician is a democrat or hold differing political opinions than Walker, that is not the case with Walker’s second accuser.

According to The Daily Beast, the woman who is accusing Walker of pressuring her to get an abortion in the late 1990s is actually a former Donald Trump voter as she revealed that she voted for Trump in both the 2016 primaries and the 2020 election.

Of course, Trump has supported Walker throughout his campaign, even publicly backing him the first time Walker was accused of encouraging and financing a women’s abortion after he got her pregnant.

Despite the president’s endorsement, the woman claims that Walker is “unfit to be a U.S. Senator.”

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