Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, faces incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the nation’s most brutal election of the 2022 midterm cycle.

Both campaigns are emptying every clip of ammunition possible in the election’s final weeks. The latest controversy revolves around a resurfaced video of Walker, speaking to soldiers during an unspecified date, oscillating between loving comments about his son Christian to calling him “dumb as a brick” and an “X-Files alien.”

“Book-wise, he’s extremely smart. Street-wise, he’s dumb as a brick,” Walker says in the video. He’s 19. I delivered him. … He had a long head. He looked like an alien. I told my wife, ‘Your parents got some awful genes and stuff.” [But] no matter how ugly your child is, you think he’s pretty.”

Though Walker talked about loving his son, Christian, at birth, he said he looked like an “X-Files alien” since “little kids are ugly when they’re … born at first.”

Former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama have campaigned for their party’s candidates. Republicans are hoping that Georgia’s popular governor Brian Kemp, who just won sweeping re-election earlier this month, can give Walker a boost through a series of campaign stops.

Georgia voters head to the polls Dec. 6. Democrats have already retained control of the Senate in 2023.

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