Herschel Walker Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a rally at the Foundry in Athens, Ga., on Monday, May 23, 2022. Walker chose Athens to hold his final rally before the Republican primary on May 24. News Joshua L Jones

As former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker continues his campaign for a Georgia Senate seat against incumbent Raphael Warnock, he’s earned himself a few notable critics, including former United States President Barack Obama who blasted him in a speech last week. And now, Walker is responding.

During a speech last week, Obama questioned Walker’s motives and ability to serve as a politician, calling him “a celebrity who wants to be a politician.” Herschel Walker responded to those comments this weekend, saying he is not a celebrity but “a warrior for God.”

“President Obama was here last night. He said I’m a celebrity. He got that one wrong, didn’t he? I’m not a celebrity. I’m a warrior for God. He got something else wrong, too. Remember two years ago he told us to vote for Joe Biden, didn’t he? He got that one wrong, did he not? He’s lost twice to Georgia already, hasn’t he, so I think he probably needs to sit this one out,” Walker said in a statement, according to the Washington Examiner.

Walker then said he was going to “pray” for Obama.

“I’m sorry to tell former President Obama, I’m sorry, I’m gonna pray for him I’m gonna pray for him because he needs some help,” Walker said. “He needs some help because he got with the wrong horse. Senator Warnock is the wrong horse. You know he can’t do the job, and it’s time for him to leave. So don’t let the door hit your butt as you walk out of there.”

As election day nears, Walker is a four-point favorite in some polls even though it was recently revealed that Walker pressured multiple women into getting abortions. Last week, President Joe Biden was told the “going downhill” for Warnock,

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