Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker hasn’t made many public appearances since launching his U.S. Senate campaign, in part because of his embarrassing missteps, which he had again during a radio interview this week.

Walker joined the conservative radio show hosted by Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Tuesday afternoon, and during the interview, Georgia’s Republican nominee for Senate outed himself for not knowing how many states are in America.

“If you don’t believe in the country, leave and go somewhere else,” the former Georgia Bulldogs running back told Travis and Sexton. “If it’s the worst state, why are you here? Why don’t you leave ― go to another? There’s, what, 51 more other states that you can go to?”

“51 more other states” in addition to Georgia would mean America has 52 states, when in reality there are only 50. Travis and Sexton just sat there and let the gaffe slide. And in an attempt to do some damage control, spokesperson Mallory Blount told HuffPost, “Herschel misspoke ― he obviously knows there are 50 states.” If you say so.

Maybe Walker is assuming Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico will eventually be granted statehood, giving America 52 states. But if we’re already granting those territories statehood, then we should also factor Texas in as seceding from the United States, as their new GOP platform has called for, which drops the total back down to 51 and means Walker is still wrong.

We tried, but there’s no way to erase the mistake. Georgia’s Republican nominee for Senate doesn’t know how many states there are in the United States.

[The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show]

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