Curtis Dixon Jr. speaks on Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate for Senate in Georgia, is embroiled in yet another scandal. This one centers around a tax break he claimed on his $3 million home in a Dallas, Texas, suburb that was only intended for primary residences.

And that’s led a new ad for Walker’s opponent, incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. That has Curtis Dixon, a former assistant football coach and teacher at Walker’s Johnson County High School in Georgia, not mincing words about Walker.

“Hello. My name is Curtis Dixon,” he says in the video. “I’m a resident of Wrightsville, [Georgia]. I moved here when I was seven years old. I worked with the school system for 33 years. I spent my adult life trying to educate young people.

“How do I know Herschel Walker? We were neighbors for a minute. I was his high school teacher. I was the assistant football coach. So, I’ve been knowing the family most of my life.

“The biggest difference I see between the two candidates,” Dixon continues, “We’re talking about the skill sets. What I like about Senator Warnock is I know he has the skill sets to be successful, and he’s willing to work across the aisle.

“I feel Herschel is—he has the minimum requirements but does not have the criteria to be a representative to serve the people.”

The ad then shows Dixon speaking for Warnock’s campaign against Walker, including the line of “Ask him what he has done to be a senator. I’ll tell you what he’s done. Not a blessed thing. He’s not ready, not ready. As a former football, basketball, baseball coach, we always tell our players, you gotta finish the drill!”

Walker and Warnock are currently engaged in a runoff election, part of their overall clash that’s been the most brutal election of the 2022 midterm cycle. Former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama have both campaigned for their party’s candidates.

Georgia voters head to the polls on Dec. 6th.

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