Herschel Walker Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a rally in Athens, Ga., in May 2022. Syndication Online Athens

Former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Herschel Walker has moved into politics following his football career and is engaged in a narrow race with incumbent Raphael Warnock for one of Georgia’s Senate seats. The two had their first and only debate of the election season on Friday night, and Walker certainly did not help his chances with some of his comments.

The most shocking moment of the debate came when Walker pulled out a fake police badge after Warnock took a jab at the numerous times that Walker has falsely claimed to be a police officer in the past.

But that wasn’t the only controversial comment Walker made on the debate floor on Friday night. Walker also suggested that instead of reducing the cost of insulin, people with diabetes should “eat right.”

“I believe in reducing insulin but at the same time, you gotta eat right. I know many people that’s on insulin. Unless you’re eating right, insulin is doing you no good. So you have to get food prices down and you gotta get gas down so you can go get insulin,” Walker said.

While a healthy diet can help prevent Type 2, it cannot prevent Type 1 diabetes as people with Type 1 diabetes are physically unable to produce insulin themselves.

The comments were shocking, and the Twitter world roasted Walker for them.


These weren’t the only controversial comments Walker has made throughout his campaign. Earlier this month, reports surfaced that Walker paid for a woman’s abortion in 2009 despite his Pro-Life platform. He was also roasted by his son for the recent controversy, and his campaign claims he is a pathological liar.

Previously, Walker has claimed that America’s biggest problem right now is celebrities, apparently thinks that there are 51 states, and bizarrely seems to hate trees.

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