Herschel Walker and Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump shakes hands with Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker at a “”Save America Rally” at the Banks County Dragway on Saturday, March 26, 2022. News Joshua L Jones

Herschel Walker has continuously stumbled during his run for Georgia senate, but he may have just made the most sensical comment of his campaign while speaking about former president Donald Trump.

Most of the damage done by Walker throughout his run for senate has been self-inflicted through lies, both to the public and even his own campaign staff. But as he’s been oft-defended by Trump, Walker made a surprising admission about the former president during his latest campaign rally.

“I get mad at Donald too, sometimes,” Walker confessed. “Some of his tweets, I didn’t like them. I used to tell him, ‘Don’t do it.’ He did it anyway, so it didn’t matter.”

Advising Trump to show restraint on Twitter seems like a commonsense move. But there has been little commonsense used as the GOP desperately attempts to push Walker to the finish line of his run for senate, a campaign that has featured lies, scams, and scandals.

If that conversation about Twitter did actually take place between Trump and Walker, it certainly would have been interesting to hear. Their relationship goes back decades, beginning when the former Georgia Bulldogs running back signed with Trump’s USFL team, the New Jersey Generals in 1983. Despite their lengthy friendship, it’s hard to imagine Trump would have graciously accepted any social media advice from Walker. But considering his current status with Twitter, Trump should have listened to anyone who tried to edit his toxic nature on social media.

Throughout his campaign, Walker has relished his friendship and support from the former president. But as election day approaches, it’s interesting to see Walker begin to distance himself from Trump and his Twitter account, which was permanently suspended following the insurrection at the US Capitol building.

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