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Herschel Walker’s campaign staff reportedly believes he’s a pathological liar, which would explain why he gets along so well with former President Donald Trump.

According to a recent report by The Daily Beast, Walker lied to his own campaign staff when they asked him about rumors of their being children that he fathered and hid from the public. Despite his denial, The Beast uncovered that Walker had three children that were previously unknown to the public, this after he spent years speaking out against absentee fathers. According to the latest report from The Beast, Walker’s campaign staff is currently investigating another alleged undisclosed child.

Unfortunately for Walker, The Beast’s scathing report consists of self-inflicted missteps that the GOP has mostly ignored as he remains Georgia’s Republican nominee for Senate. Walker easily won Georgia’s GOP primary last month and will face Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in the general election later this year. But as the campaign has been forced to burn through large amounts of resources in an effort to counter reports about Walker’s secret children, his staff and donors finally seem to be questioning his ability as a candidate.

Walker’s lies don’t end with his undisclosed children. The former NFL star and Georgia Bulldogs running back has also lied about his academics, falsely claimed he was a trained FBI agent, embellished his business records, and recently stated Trump never said the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Not only has Walker’s campaign staff lost trust in the former Heisman Trophy winner, but according to The Beast, they view him as a constant risk of embarrassment.

“He’s lied so much that we don’t know what’s true,” one campaign advisor told The Daily Beast, with three people interviewed for the article going so far as to call Walker a “pathological liar.” Other aides have shared concerns that Walker “isn’t mentally fit for the job,” while fearing his mood swings and instability.

Staffers fearing a political candidate’s mood swings and instability, sound familiar?

“A campaign’s worst nightmare,” a source told The Daily Beast. “It’s like a sh*tshow on a train in the middle of a wreck.”

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