Herschel Walker Nov 7, 2022; Atlanta, GA, USA; Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks during a rally in Kennesaw, Ga. Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.. Mandatory Credit: Josh Morgan-USA TODAY

Herschel Walker, the Republican Senate candidate in Georgia, faces incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the nation’s most bruising election of the 2022 midterm cycle.

Both sides sunk a combined $241 million into the race while polls revealed a statistical dead heat between the candidates. Former presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama campaigned for their party’s respective candidates. Even Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James got in on the action.

In the end, neither candidate earned the 50 percent mark required to seal the election on Nov. 6th. By Georgia state law, Walker and Warnock advance to a head-to-head runoff election. Walker, for his part, raised an eye-popping $3.3 million in the new cycle’s first 24 hours.

The campaign turned particularly nasty in its closing last week. The special runoff election will be no different judging from the barbs recently thrown by each candidate.

Earlier this week, Walker, whose campaign has been rocked by multiple scandals, accused Warnock of having his own skeletons. He asked why Warnock didn’t “keep his own kids.”

Warnock responded in kind while speaking at a rally in Augusta, Georgia.

“I know that politics is ugly,” Warnock said, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “People play all kinds of games, unfortunately. But Herschel Walker and his allies have crossed a line where my family is concerned.”

“I want to set the record straight: My children live with me. I am present with my children in every way that a father should be, from breakfast in the morning to bedtime prayers at night. I can’t continue to let him lie about my family.”

Georgia voters head to the polls on Dec. 6th.

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