Herschel Walker

Football legend Herschel Walker is currently running as a Republican Senate candidate against Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock in Georgia. The race could prove pivotal in deciding which political party controls the Senate following November’s 2022 midterm elections.

Though the only poll that counts is on Election Day, Walker (seen above at a July campaign stop at the Northwest Georgia Livestock Barn) has consistently trailed Warnock in the polls. The latest poll from Fox News is no different.

Fox says if the election were held today, Warnock would defeat Walker, 46 percent to 42 percent, with 12 percent of the electorate still undecided. Warnock also leads Warnock in voter enthusiasm 49 percent to 47 percent, with 47 percent of those “certain to vote” going for Warnock and 43 percent going to Walker.

Warnock also leads with party unity, with 95 percent of Democrats supporting his candidacy vs. 82 percent of Republicans supporting Walker.

“Establishment Republicans are close to a majority of all GOPers in Georgia,” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducted the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. “Winning 70 percent of that group is not going to get it done for any right of center candidate.”

Walker, Fox notes, has made repeated efforts to highlight his independence from former president Donald Trump.

Though this poll isn’t good news for Walker, he still has 40 days to close the gap on his opponent. The 2022 midterm election will be held on November 8th.

[Fox News; photo from Joshua L. Jones/USA Today]

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