Two members of the Republican Party that are getting a ton of coverage right now are Herschel Walker and Tommy Tuberville. The two have a lot in common. One is currently a U.S. Senator and the other is trying to become one. They both have very dubious opinions on Black Americans. And they are both associated with SEC college football, with Tuberville making his name as a coach for Ole Miss and Auburn and Walker making his name as a player for Georgia.

Is there a correlation between any of that? National opinion columnist Will Bunch seems to think so.

“With Herschel Walker and Tommy Tuberville, there’s a great essay or even a book to be written (by someone smarter than me) about how the warped cultures of SEC football and the Republican Party have become interchangeable,” tweeted Bunch on Monday morning.

A lot of college football fans, especially those related to the SEC, took Bunch to task over the oversimplification. Some noted that a bevy of terrible characters to come out of college football all played or coached elsewhere. While others noted that there was some bias implicit in this oversimplification of The South and the people who live there. And some called out that the insinuation was more insulting to SEC’s football culture than anything.

Though to be fair not everyone disagreed with the assessment.

[Will Bunch]

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