Joe Biden Pres. Joe Biden speaks with media as he toured the tornado devastation in Dawson Springs, Ky. on Wednesday evening. Dec. 15, 2021 At9i6723 Biden2

United States President Joe Biden announced Thursday his plans to decriminalize marijuana, starting with the pardoning of thousands of federal offenses for simple possession of the drug.

Biden, who said he objects to seeing marijuana users jailed, announced plans to move past the “failed approach” of society trying to incarcerate its way out of the problem.

He has urged all 50 state governors to follow his lead and asked the Attorney General and Department of Human Services to review its Schedule I classification of marijuana, which currently puts it on par with heroin.

“Too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana,” The White House official account tweeted. “Hear from [the President of the United States] on the three steps he is taking to right these wrongs.”

While private organizations like sports leagues would still be able to punish employees for parking in the devil’s lettuce, it signaled a societal shift that could have major ramifications on sports.

The reactions were quick:

“Love this,” wrote fantasy football reporter Samantha Previte.

“Politics aside, this will be referenced as a catalyst for seeing partnerships around the marijuana/CBD category. Tweeting it so I can use it as a receipt next year,” joked Zoomf founder Amir Zonozi.

“Sort of stunning,” Gavin Sheridon wrote.

“Good…now do it at Kentucky state level,” Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio tweeted.

Josh Gordon wants his NFL seasons back,” joked John Hesterman.

As of now, it remains unclear if any states will follow Biden’s newest directive.

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