Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan mock Joe Biden

Aaron Rodgers continued his selective media tour with a recent stop at Joe Rogan’s podcast over the weekend.

Rodgers joining Rogan’s podcast was predictable and expected ever since the Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed he was against the COVID-19 vaccine last fall. But the timing of the awaited interview was much less predictable, with Rodgers joining a surprise Saturday edition of The Joe Rogan Experience.

During their lengthy chat, which featured a lot of discussion about the COVID pandemic and vaccine, the Green Bay Packers quarterback joined forces with the polarizing podcast host to mock current President Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden is the most popular president in history,” Rodgers said sarcastically near the one-hour, 23-minute mark of the podcast.

“Yeah, he’s the best. I mean, there’s no one better. He’s best at talking. He’s best at walking upstairs,” Rogan added with a smirk. “He’s good at riding bikes.”

“He’s not a fan of mine, I don’t think,” Rodgers said, recalling when he was implored by the current president to get vaccinated last year.

During a visit to areas of Kentucky that were devastated by deadly tornadoes last December, Biden saw a woman wearing Packers gear and the president promptly said, “tell that quarterback he’s gotta get the vaccine.”

Biden, a Pennsylvania native, previously claimed to be a longtime Green Bay Packers fan, dating back to the days of legendary head coach Vince Lombardi. Clearly, Rodgers doesn’t believe that fandom extends to himself. And if by some chance the president is still a fan of Rodgers, the feeling isn’t mutual.

“Democrats gotta be thinking, ‘how did we go from [Barack] Obama to this?’” Rodgers added.

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