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The good news for former NFL quarterback Brett Favre is that the Mississippi Department of Human Services changed its demands against him in a lawsuit to seek repayment of welfare money meant for some of the poorest people in the state. The bad news is that their new demand is even higher.

The department is no longer asking Favre to repay $1.1 million over an unfulfilled pledge of public speeches, noting that he did make repayment on that. However, they replaced it with a new demand that Favre and a University of Southern Mississippi sports foundation repay the $5 million misused from the welfare fund to pay for a volleyball facility on that campus.

Favre has denied any prior knowledge of where the funds came from, though text messages with former governor Phil Bryant seem to contradict that claim. The university has also acknowledged that it understands the facility was paid for with misappropriated money but has attempted to work out a deal with the state that does not include repayment.

A Monday court filing said Favre has not repaid $5 million in TANF money “that he orchestrated” for the Mississippi Community Education Center to pay to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation to fund the volleyball complex.

Favre had previously filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in November but the judge has yet to act on that request.


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