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A couple of days ago, former president Donald Trump went on his social media platform Truth Social to rant at Rihanna.

The twice impeached ex-president said of the singer “Without her “Stylist” she’d be NOTHING. Bad everything, and NO TALENT!”

Why is Trump sounding like a raving lunatic toward Rihanna? Probably because she told him he couldn’t use her music at his rallies. A few years ago, Trump used one of her songs at a rally and she was not having it at all, which explains why Trump has an attitude.

Rihanna is not only a multi-million dollar recording artist but also a successful fashion designer as well. In fact, she’s a billionaire. Not too shabby for someone who is apparently bad at “everything” and has “no talent.”

But back to Trump, this is not the only time an artist told him not to use their music. Pharrell Williams, Elton John, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler all said no to him.

Who would want their name and their brand associated with him? Why doesn’t he call his good buddy Ted Nugent for help? I’m sure good-old Ted wouldn’t mind letting him use a song or two at his rallies.

Trump is only doing this because he is desperate for attention, so he decided to go after Rihanna to please his fan base, that’s it and that’s all.

The MAGA crowd will love seeing Trump go after her because she is a high-profile artist and a high-profile black female. Trump’s favorite pastime is to target black women, having verbally attacked Michelle Obama, Vice-President Kamala Harris, White House reporter April Ryan, sports personality Jemele Hill and many others. 

So this is not new to Trump, merely the latest attack, and it won’t be his last. At least the rest of us get to enjoy Rihanna’s performance on Sunday.

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