World reacts to controversial new women’s sports bill

This is quite a controversial bill.
Controversial Bill Kara Klever holds a sign in protest. Governor Kevin Stitt signs SB2, the Save Women in Sports Act, in the Blue Room at the Capitol Wednesday, March 30, 2022. Transgender 7209596001 11

This week, a Virginia lawmaker introduced a bill to the state legislature that would effectively ban transgender student-athletes from competing against the gender with which they identify.

The bill – officially named H.B. 1387 – was proposed by Virginia State Delegate Karen Greenhalgh of the state’s 85th district. The proposed legislation would require teams to be categorized based on biological sex: male, female, or co-ed teams, according to the Washington Post.

The bill applies to all levels of competition throughout the state, “interscholastic, intercollegiate, intramural, or club athletic” and extends from K-through-12 grades all the way to public colleges and universities. The bill even attempts to coerce private institutions into following the guidelines, prohibiting private schools from competing against public schools unless they comply with the transgender ban.

The bill has already caused quite a stir with an LGBTQ group called the Pride Liberation Project blasting the bill for “attacking” an already depressed population with.

“Already, our schools are experiencing a mental health crisis,” members of the Pride Liberation Project wrote to the Washington Post. “Rather than introducing policy solutions that build safe and affirming schools though, our lawmakers are focused on attacking a student population that experiences extraordinarily high rates of depression and suicide.”

The world had plenty to say about the controversial bill.

Former United States President Donald Trump has revealed plans for a similar plan at a national level if he’s elected president in 2024. Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker also supports a similar bill, drawing lots of criticism.

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