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Herschel Walker’s senate campaign is a mess right now, and according to Whoopi Goldberg, Georgia Republicans have Donald Trump to blame.

The Republican nominee for senate in Georgia was recently blasted by his own son, Christian Walker, for lying about his personal life. Previously, Christian Walker lent support to the campaign but has since flipped amid accusations that his father, running on a pro-life platform, encouraged his girlfriend to get an abortion in 2009.

As Walker’s campaign continues to be disgraced and marred by self-inflicted scandals, Republicans are desperately scrounging to rally around the former Georgia Bulldog and NFL running back. But according to The View, Republicans have themselves to blame, with hosts Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg blasting the GOP for nominating Walker, taking specific aim at Trump’s endorsement.

“What we learned with Trump, is that there are people who will vote for the party over sanity, over country, over morals, over values, over religion, over truth, over rationale,” said Navarro.

“Well, that’s how he got in,” Goldberg claimed of Walker’s nomination. “They didn’t even try to find somebody who at least had the idea of how to take care of the people of Georgia. They just said ‘oh get somebody Black in there. Who do you know? Oh yeah, get him.’ And that’s what they did!”

“That’s who they chose, cause that’s what you know who said,” Goldberg said of Trump’s endorsement. “‘Choose him.’ Every time he said ‘choose him,’ you go a little bit further over the corner, a little further over the edge.”

In addition to the current abortion scandal surrounding Walker, Georgia’s Republican nominee for senate has attempted to hide undisclosed children, embellished his business accomplishments, lied about academics and falsely claimed he was a trained FBI agent. Walker won Georgia’s GOP primary rather easily in June and is set to face Democratic incumbent, Sen. Raphael Warnock in the general election on Nov. 8.

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