Hollywood 2016: A new Rambo movie is being made and it doesn’t even star Rambo.

The Hollywood Reporter sadly reports a reboot titled Rambo: New Blood is in the works at Nu Image/Millenium Films. For those looking to see Sylvester Stallone grab a gun, put on the tightest pair of pants he owns and kick some ass, sadly, Stallone isn’t returning to the role for the reboot.

Stallone last reprised the iconic role in 2008’s surprisingly competent Rambo, but admittedly, the film series has long gone stale. The magic of First Blood clearly can’t be recaptured, which is why Stallone walked away from the role  for good this year.

With subpar reboots coming out each and every month (please God, don’t mention Point Break) it’s not at all surprising a studio wants to cash in on a formerly popular IP. Without Stallone, Nu Image/Millennium Films have reportedly hired Brooks McLaren to write the script and Ariel Vromen (The Iceman) to direct.

The question is, who will take the Rambo mantle from Stallone? Jon Bernthal aka The Punisher? Tom Hardy? My personal pick is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson because that dude can make anything entertaining. Stallone apparently wanted Ryan Gosling for Rambo for a reboot last year, but unless he’s offered multiple truckloads of cash, there’s little incentive for him to star in what’s likely to be a mediocre, unnecessary sequel.

Whoever ultimately directs the film, there’s no chance in hell they’ll be able to make such a badass scene as this one from First Blood.


Good luck.

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