Since 1989, The Simpsons has captivated fans around the world. Over those 27 seasons, fans have enjoyed watching the main characters never age, for the most part, while watching them eat most of the same unhealthy foods and drink the same bad beverages. Now, fans can eat and drink them too!

The blog Eats Like a Duck: A Simpsons Recipe Blog was recently created to allow fans to eat like Homer Simpson and his family and friends. The blog’s name comes from the famous “Homer’s Enemy” episode (Season 8, Episode 23).

If the characters in the The Simpsons seem okay and happy to eat extremely unhealthy food on a consistent basis, why can’t you?

Fans can try Big John’s Breakfast Log, or the famous IRS Burger, and even the Chuch Picnic Deviled Eggs from King of the Hill (Season 9, Episode 23). Those are just some of the normal popular and easy recipes.

You can even make some alcoholic drinks from the show like Bart’s Manhattan that he made for Fat Tony and the local mob, The Flaming Homer and Homer’s Homemade Kahlua that he tried to sneak into Hullabalooza.

The blog is broken down into 13 categories that include: alcoholic beverages, breakfast, dinner, Futurama recipes, I’m not making that, lunch, snacks, beverages, dessert, eye on Springfield, holiday, I want it!, and No Fuss, No Muss.

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