If you thought Alec Baldwin was about to go easy on President Donald Trump now he’s been in office for nearly a month, you’re dead wrong.

Impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live resulted in one of the best, multi-episode political impressions in the show’s storied history with ratings at its highest in years. As a result, Baldwin will expand his excellent Trump schtick.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the most-successful Baldwin brother will co-author a fake memoir on Trump with Kurt Anderson appropriately titled, You Can’t Spell America without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story Of My Fantastic First Year As President Donald J. Trump.

President or not, Trump is ripe to be parodied. SNL had been satirizing him for over a decade and Trump himself even came on the show to make fun of himself. At this point, his life is completely ridiculous. There are so many stories, scandals, and failed business ventures, it’s impossible to determine exactly where the book will go. However, inspiration should be easily found.

It remains to be seen how much of the book Baldwin will actually write. But, he does have experience writing memoirs, including his own, Nevertheless, which comes out in April. Alas, just using his image as Trump should be enough to sell a tremendous amount of copies.

Fittingly, the book is scheduled for a Nov. 7 release, nearly a year after Trump was elected POTUS. Something tells me the book will be “yuge” – whether Trump likes it or not.

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  1. Wow, SNL (NBC). Is just running this into the ground through the earths crust around the other side. This is be no means a Political statement. But for the love of everything holy. CAN WE PLEASE LET THIS GO!

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