Amy Schumer on Judge Judy

Yes, that was really comedian Amy Schumer on Judge Judy. But no, she wasn’t being tried for stealing jokes. The Snatched star sat in a prominent location with her sister and photobombed defendants all afternoon.

This was a total surprise for viewers, and they quickly went nuts on social media.

Schumer has a bit of popping up in random places. She was seen at the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with a random “fan,” who was actually much more legendary Dave Chappelle.

Schumer had teased that she’d visited the Judge Judy set in a Instagram post from May, but nobody realized she would actually make an appearance on the show.

Schumer’s clearly a big fan of the show, but she doesn’t hold a candle to Jim Harbaugh, who endorsed Judge Judy for a Supreme Court nomination last year.

[Time | Photo: Twitter]

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