Apple is attempting to fix a problem that doesn’t need repairing as the company’s next iOS 10 update will include the option of a “theater mode.”

The Guardian reports Apple is introducing the new preset to phones, which will try to make using phones in theaters more tolerable. The latest “theater mode” will mute Apple phones, reduce screen brightness and block texts and calls.

Apple should be applauded for trying to stop the annoyance of people using their phones in dark theaters, but there’s no solution to the issue other than turning off your phone in entirely. Reducing phone brightness and blocking calls will mildly help, but in a theater, unless an iPhone is completely off, having any brightness will still be annoying.

Going to the movies is supposed to be a focused, transferred experience. You sit down and get sucked into the experience of whatever film you choose to watch. People pulling out their phones and texting or calling zaps you right back to reality.

If you need to use your phone during a film, get up and walk outside. That way, nobody sees the glaring light. Or better yet, turn off your phone. If you need to constantly check your phone for the few hours you’re in a theater, you shouldn’t attend the movie to begin with.

“Theater mode” is a great idea, in theory, but Apple’s latest update won’t fix the problem. Only audience members can do that.

[Uproxx] [Image via The Mary Sue]

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