If you’re anything like me, when you get down to binge-watching a show, you’ve perfected your process.

You know when to use the restroom and you know when to grab some food from the fridge. Now, though, you might have to consider another factor as Netflix is testing out a feature that could allow users to skip the opening credits of shows.

This feature could be another in a long line of smart moves for the company.

A Netflix spokesperson told CNN that the feature is one of “hundreds” they do every year to try and make their product better.

“We’re looking at what does or doesn’t enhance the viewing experience,” said the representative.

It’s only appearing for some users at this point, and if you do have it, you’ll see it in the bottom right hand corner during the opening credits. Netflix already does this with many shows that have intros that are at the top of the show. This just turns it into a button for others.

E! Online is reporting that the current shows that are skip-able are mostly Netflix shows. Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, Iron Fist, The Office, and Mad Men are the titles being reported.

It’s even becoming a bit of a status symbol on social media as well.

It’s not a feature people really want when it comes to shows like The Office, though:

This, basically:

Of course, if Netflix really wanted to help people binge more easily, they could just get rid of the “Are you still watching?” prompts.

Stop judging, Netflix! You can’t have it both ways!

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