What a snooze fest. And please, God, let me go the rest of my life without hearing someone talk about how confused they are, how afraid they are of being blindsided or how tough is it to be in love with two women at the same time. Almost all Bachelor episodes feel repetitive. This week’s was more like a broken record.

That said this year’s finale did leave plenty to be broken down. This is The Bachelor, after all. First off, it was broadcasted live in front of a studio audience. That meant more of Chris Harrison, Psy.D., and myriad shots of pensive women seemingly WAY too divested in Ben Higgins’ fate.

Also in the crowd: Ben’s parents, Lauren B’s family, JoJo’s family, Ben’s pastor, Neil Lane and of course JoJo and Lauren B. With that, let’s unpack everything that happened in the Season 20 Bachelor finale with our last Bachelor Power Rankings of the season.

1. Lauren B: She won, fair and square. An impressive accomplishment considering the fact that Mrs. Higgins was clearly not feeling her game. And yet, Lauren B. did her thing, just as she has all season. Really this has been her title to lose since the start. If not for Leah’s trip down crazy lane, Lauren would have made it through the season without ever even taking a blow.

There’s really not much else to add. She met Ben’s family and said all the polite and smart things she was supposed to. She threw on the bikini for a beach date with Higgins and the two alternated between making-out and heart-to-hearts. Ben did mention to his parents and the camera that he was a bit concerned that him and Lauren B. had yet to face any tough times, whereas he and JoJo had gone through their battles. What exactly these battles were, he never said. Maybe the caviar on one of their dates wasn’t seasoned to perfection. Either way he eventually got over the inanity and realized that Lauren B. was the one for him. She might not have initially wowed his parents. But this was her season all the way.

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