Intro to Psychology was back in session Monday night, albeit with a twist. For the first time all season, loyal viewers were deprived of a Rose Ceremony — all because Ben was a Captain Renault level of shocked, shocked, to find out that one of the girls in the house might be putting on act for him. But more on that later.

The episode kicked off with the 11 remaining ladies flying what looked like coach to Mexico City. Lord have mercy on the poor souls who were stuck on that flight. Once the group made it south of the border we were treated to a yet another aerial date — I’m pretty sure Ben is sexually aroused by heights — this one with Amanda in a hot air balloon. There, Ben did a great job of reciting all the historical facts the producers forced him to memorize the night before. It was actually impressive. And since the date started with a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call we got to see what all the gals look like sans makeup. Suffice to say some of them weren’t too excited about that surprise, especially Lauren H, who we now know sleeps with a retainer.

Next up was the group Spanish session, followed by a trip to a Spanish market to purchase some ingredients for a cooking competition where we learned that Olivia seems a bit too eager to eat crickets.

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