There is no doubt that Chad Johnson has emerged as the villain on this season of The Bachelorette. What you may not want to admit is that he’s also the smartest contestant on the show. Possibly ever.

Chad’s villain persona became fully-operational in this week’s episode when he threw a little shade on the Bachelorette herself, dumped a bucket of shade on all of the other guys on the house, and filled the rest of the time eating copious amounts of meat. He also dropped what has to be one of the best quotes ever uttered on a show littered with amazing quotes.

“If you were making a protein shake, made of the group of dudes here, and then, you know, I blended it, you’d… half of that dude protein shake would have… like zero chance.”

It’s obvious that Chad came into the show with a clear idea of who he was going to be and with an agenda. He’s not here to make friends and it’s rather obvious he’s not here for “the right reasons” either. He’s here to make a name for himself, and if new discoveries are any indication, cash in on that newfound fame.

Now Johnson appears to be squatting on web domains, including sites related to his fellow contestants’ names — which then redirect to his own Instagram account. Even (a.k.a. JoJo, the Bachelorette herself) redirects to Chad’s Instagram.

And, if the domain snatcher really is The Bachelorette’s Chad, he is also squatting on some porn domains, like — hot!

The same person is also linked to a URL called, which…ugh.

Mashable dug around and found out the URLs were purchased by “Brian Johnson” from Tulsa, Oklahoma in April. The email address used is one that Chad himself has been using since 2008, which raises a couple questions:

1. Is his real name Brian?

2. Why would he rather go by Chad?

Mashable also notes that Johnson started his Instagram feed at roughly the same time these URLs were purchased and considering some of those contestant name URLs match up with the people who make it past the first couple weeks, it has to be someone who has at least a bit of insider info regarding the season.

Hate it if you want, and Chad certainly makes it easy, but the guy knows what he’s doing.


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