Ben Affleck is becoming an even more prominent figure in the DC cinematic universe.

Deadline reports Affleck has signed onto the upcoming Justice League: Part 1 as an executive producer. That makes Affleck significantly involved in DC’s upcoming film slate as he’s starring as Batman across multiple projects and is co-writing and directing a solo Batman movie. With the role, he’ll have even more say in the universe.

Affleck getting an increased status is much-needed good news for DC. With Justice League: Part 1 starting production in April, there have been reports that Warner Brothers isn’t happy with Zach Snyder’s vision following the critical failure of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Seth-Grahame Smith, who was set to direct The Flash, also recently left the project over creative differences and rumors suggested other directors have thought about following in suit.  Securing Affleck as an executive producer will help dispell some of the rumors about troubles within the DCU.

Affleck is one of the few sure-things about the DCU, so signing him up to take a bigger part in its expanded universe is a no-brainer for Warner Brothers. Deadline reports Affleck isn’t going to try to take over control of the film from Snyder but instead is taking an increased role to be supportive of him.

Having Affleck in Warner Brothers corner as an exec instantly makes me more encouraged about Justice League: Part 1. He’s another strong voice, who’s an expert at good storytelling – which is exactly what the DC universe needed. Hopefully, Affleck can work with Snyder’s visual expertise and the two can make up for the shortcomings of Batman v Superman with a great Justice League film.


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