Bill Murray is at it again. The comedian, best known for appearing in iconic roles in GhostbustersGroundhog Day and Caddyshack throughout his storied career, is famous for having no qualms about messing with fans in public.

The 65-year-old was up to his old tricks recently, as a Reddit user posted photos of Murray stealing french fries from his friend.


Murray’s no care attitude is evident from the snaps, as it appears he grabs the fries without checking if the original owner was cool with it.

The behavior might seem weird, gross and unnatural as nobody wants to see a stranger steal your food and eat in right in your face. But, this theft is different. This is Bill Murray we’re talking about. He’s infamous for going above and beyond to prank and entertain fans. Stealing french fries was his way to say hello. Personally, I’d be honored if Murray walked over to me and ate some food off my plate – as weird as that sounds.

Murray’s french fry stealing isn’t new according to another Reddit user, who claims he was a victim of the same crime from the comedian four years ago. Perhaps, Murray loves french fries at any cost. Good thing fans don’t care, otherwise, the lovable actor’s actions would be viewed quite differently.

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