Black Friday in the United States is a dog-eat-dog event. Long lines, crowds, fighting, and more kick off the holiday shopping season, as people fight, yell, push, scratch, and claw their way to $50 a television.

There have¬†already been deaths and multiple shopping-related injuries in the U.S. related to Black Friday. In Canada, it’s an entirely different story. While Canadians have been stereotyped for being overly polite and cordial, a Twitter video showcasing a Best Buy Black Friday midnight event didn’t disprove the mindset.

Instead of pushing and fighting like their U.S. counterparts, Canadians calmly walk into Best Buy in an organized, even-keeled fashion. There’s no jumping in the front of the line, or arguing. Instead, Best Buy staffers give the orderly shoppers a standing ovation as the chilly Canadians walk in to get some deals.

Americans could learn a lot from their neighbors in the North. Probably in more areas than Black Friday shopping, of course, but progress has to start somewhere.

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