A couple of months ago, news of the development of a “female John Wick” project produced by Steven Spielberg’s company was announced. At the time, we wrote that a female-driven assassin action movie sounded like a great idea, one that was probably overdue. What we didn’t realize was that one had already been made and will be hitting theaters this summer.

Based on a 2013 graphic novel titled The Coldest CityAtomic Blonde features Charlize Theron as a British spy tasked with pursuing a group of double agents who killed her fellow MI6 operative in Berlin. Along the way, she partners with another agent (played by James McAvoy) as they try to take down the rogue operation. The film premiered at SXSW to good reviews, most of which praised its excellent action scenes.

The quality action shouldn’t be a surprise, as Atomic Blonde is directed by David Leitch, who co-directed John Wick (hey, if you’re going to make a “female John Wick,” hire the guy who made that movie) and will be making the upcoming Deadpool 2. So at the very least, the movie should include some strong fight scenes and gun battles. Based on a new trailer for the film, that’s exactly the case. Check it out:

Theron beating somebody up with a stiletto is sure to be a signature moment from this movie, perhaps inspiring several with high-heeled shoes to take out their wrath or frustration on someone annoying or threatening (in which case that shoe is key for protection). It’s not quite up there with Matt Damon using a rolled-up magazine to take out an operative in The Bourne Supremacy, but Theron also has to inflict her damage in the tight space of a car backseat.

Considering the main character is a British spy who enjoys some drinking and companionship during her assignments, perhaps we should be calling this “Jane Bond.” Plenty of writers will surely make that reference in their articles and reviews when Atomic Blonde is released. In addition to Theron and McAvoy, the cast includes John Goodman, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan and Sofia Boutella (who’s due for a big summer between this and The Mummy).

If you want an even better indication of the action that awaits in Atomic Blonde, take a look at the first red-band trailer (which is actually much better), released during the movie’s SXSW premiere. That staircase scene may just surpass the hallway and staircase fight sequences in the first two seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil, which is clearing a considerable bar.

Atomic Blonde is set for a July 28 release.

As a bonus, if you’re interested in checking out the source graphic novel, The Coldest City, that book has a trailer too.

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