What was started as a joke on The Simpsons over 20 years ago, may actually become reality. Cypress Hill and the London Symphony Orchestra may reunite despite the scientific fact that rock attained perfection in 1974.

In The Simpsons episode titled “Homerpalooza, Homer got hit in the stomach by Peter Frampton’s inflatable pig that he bought at Pink Floyd’s yard sale and was hired to take cannonballs to the gut in Hullabalooza’s “Pageant of the Transmundane.” Also known as the “Freak Show.”

While touring in Springfield, someone on tour ordered the London Symphony Orchestra and thinking they did this high, Cypress Hill stepped up and may have done it.

What started as a joke on Cypress Hill’s Twitter account last month, turned into what could be an actual concert.

We at least know Marge will attend the concert. She likes that kind of music.


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