When it comes to comic superhero movies over the last decade, Marvel has held a decided edge in the box office results as well as in the ratings and reviews. With Marvel about to get their 2018 off and running with Black Panther in just a couple of weeks, fans of the DC comics and movies are plotting to keep the playing field as level as possible by going to Rotten Tomatoes and submitting bad reviews to drop the overall rating of the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Because there is a Facebook group for just about anything, the group of anti-Marvel fans in the group titled “Down With Disney’s Treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys” has gathered to arrange an event scheduled for February 15. At that time, the group will flood the movie review aggregate site with poor reviews to hold the overall fan score for Black Panther down as much as possible. It seems the initial push had an early effect, with the upcoming film getting a score of just 6% before its release.

Perhaps because of the early protest against the movie from people with no lives that stoop to this kind of activity on the internet, there is no current rating available for “Black Panther” on Rotten Tomatoes at this particular time, although the site still shows 99% of the visitors to the site say they want to see the new Marvel film.

This is not the first time Rotten Tomatoes has been the place for fanboys to declare war against Disney. Ratings for Star Wars: The Last Jedi were given a vicious attack after the release of that film. There appears to be no end in sight for poor DC fans who want to be able to play in the same field as Marvel fans. The organizer of this Facebook event claims he will be “hosting” similar events for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie release and upcoming Netflix Marvel shows.

DC films have not fared nearly as well as Marvel’s MCU efforts. Aside from Wonder Woman getting an uplifting 92% last summer, no film in the DC Extended Universe has managed to climb higher than 55% (Man of Steel in 2013). Justice League currently sits at a lowly 40%, with Batman V Superman sitting at 27% just ahead of Suicide Squad (26%). Marvel has had just two films fail to reach a satisfaction rating of 70% (The Incredible Hulk at 67% and Thor: The Dark World at 66%).

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16. There will not be enough DC fanboys ready to fight off what comes out of Wakanda.

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