Marvel’s The Defenders has an ambitious premise. Four street-level superheroes, all with unique powers and skillsets, team up to take down the evil ninja-filled organization called The Hand. Considering the success of Netflix’s Marvel Universe (sans Iron Fist), bringing the entire superhero roster to a single show was going to be a sight to be seen.

Thankfully, at San Diego Comic-Con, the latest trailer dropped and it looks incredible:

There’s a lot to love here.

First and foremost, Sigourney Weaver looks like a menacing villain — which is something the Netflix Marvel Universe has nailed (up until the latter half of Luke Cage and again, Iron Fist). In her short appearance in the trailer, her intense presence makes it seem she’ll be a challenging foe for The Defenders (particularly Daredevil, with her recruiting of his former lover, Elektra).

Also looking great is the team dynamic.

Playing Danny Rand as the fish-out-of-water comic relief fits in much better with Luke Cage, and especially Jessica Jones making fun of him. Krysten Ritter is an amazing deliverer of quips, and teasing Danny or commenting on Matt Murdock’s Daredevil ears keeps things fun.

The rest is more or less what you’d expect from a team-up of this nature — which is great. There’s plenty of dudes being thrown through walls, ninjas getting murdered, Iron Fist’s glowing hand, Luke Cage using his brute strength, and some general kickassery going on. The final sequence of Jessica chugging a beer and saying “it’s been a long week” is perfect.

Marvel (and Netflix) fans have high hopes for Marvel’s The Defenders and this trailer does nothing to squash those expectations. August 18 can’t come soon enough.

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