Disney ain’t never had a director like Guy Ritchie, until now.

With Disney continuing to resurrect some of their classics and adapt them into a real life presentation, Aladdin is starting to come together in the planning stages and now has a director. Guy Ritchie, most noted for directing Snatch, Sherlock Holmes and The Man From U.N.C.L.E, will reportedly get the director’s chair for the live-action Aladdin.

The decision seems to be coming off as a bit of a stunner by those following the industray, as Ritchie is not exactly known as a guy with a light-hearted approach many feel will be needed for Aladdin. The animated classic form the early 1990s was fueled by the character of the Genie, voiced by Robin Williams. Obviously, the times have changed and the overall tone of the film may be slightly different anyway. Just seeing what Disney has done with The Jungle Book and live shows of The Lion King demonstrate things don’t have to be exactly as they are in the animated world.

Time will tell if Disney got this one right, but many of their projects have been handled well, especially with their most beloved brands, both classic and acquired. Can Ritchie defy the initial reactions and turn in another classic with Aladdin? Disney sure hopes so.

[Photo: Rex Features]

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