Dwayne Johnson can do a lot of things. He is a NCAA college football champion at the University of Miami. He is an eight time WWE Champion among lots of other pro wrestling accomplishments. He is one of the most marketable Hollywood stars whose films have grossed billions of dollars. And there is a chance that he could someday run for President of the United States.

Having said all those things, there is one thing that The Rock cannot do. And it’s something that just about everyone around the world can do, an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation. Arnold Schwarzenegger is in that realm of people who anyone can do a half decent impersonation of. Even for those who don’t speak English, Arnold’s accent and expressions are easily ripe for someone to impersonate. We all have said “Get to the choppa” in Arnold’s voice.

As for Johnson, he attempted to impersonate Arnold and well…

Wow, what a terrible impersonation. Johnson didn’t mince words acknowledging right off the bat that it was pretty bad. It’s nice to see someone who seems like they can do everything great struggle at something so easy sometimes.


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